HOOPS CANADA was designed by founder Jermain Holness to meet the needs of players at all levels. We are a one-stop shop for loyal and committed players to grow and attain their basketball and life goals through education and mentorship. In a short time HOOPS has become a force to reckon with by utilizing comprehensive skills training, professional team offensive and defensive concepts combined with top of the line exposure through our partners at DMVelite. IF YOU WORK WE GET YOU THERE!


If you are a beginner our Kids Skills or Highschool Skills programs are designed for you. If you have experience or believe you are ready for competitive team play, join our Team Academy for Grades 3-8 or Highschool Team Academy for Grades 9-12. If you feel you have the work ethic, speed, agility, athleticism, height, IQ and the skills necessary to play at the NCAA, JUCO, NAIA, U-SPORT or OCAA level OUR PROSPECT ACADEMY IS FOR YOU!  We are Hoops Canada, We just ball! #BEONE